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Sunday, 4 September 2016

80's Pulp Miniatures - A word of introduction

This blog is dedicated to documenting my 80's Pulp Miniatures project, which revolves around recreating the general vibe of 80's cartoons and toys that revolve around evil masterminds and terrorist organisations trying to take over the world and those heroes and Joes who would oppose them in the name of freedom, be it within a bonafide military organisation or as a group of talented individuals.

The miniatures will be a mixture of unofficial tributes, personal conversions or private commissions, with appropriate vehicles sourced from wherever they can be found.

I won't ramble on here and will let the images do the talking for now. But now you know what's the general idea and knowing is half the battle!


  1. Knowing is half the battle! Thanks for the excellent blog that brings back a geeky kids adventurous childhood.


  2. Thanks, Brian! Reliving our childhoods as adults is what it's all about. ;)