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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ratty Joe Conversion

Another few conversions for the Joe side of things. These i-Kore Viridian commandos (available from Scotia Grendel) are pretty much spot on for this character. All I did was remove the original guns and replace them with something more suitable. Sizewise they fit well with my other figures.

The first one was holding his weapon in a way that seemed perfect to replace it with the board he comes with. The board is plastic card, covered with greenstuff. I deliberately left the greenstuff a bit
rough in order to show the wear and tear.

The second one had his gun swapped out for a more appropriate one from The Assault Group and then tidied up with some greenstuff. Third one simply had the gun removed. I may add another Assault Group gun to him, when I decide how to use him (seated or lying down).

The inspiration:

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Kobra weaselish pilot conversion

After seeing someone else's idea the base figure for this conversion painted as the speech-impaired Kobra pilot, I was inspired to do the same, with a few additional greenstuff augmentations. I think it came out quite well. The original figure and head are from my privately commissioned range, so I may throw this one in a mould to have some extra copies.

The conversion was also inspired by this custom action figure I saw on the web:

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Kobra infiltrators in the police force

The "Freds" have infiltrated all layers of society, including the police forces. Using generic last names like "White" or "Smith" and serving in different units, you would never know there are so many of them, while allowing them to trade places or provide alibi's without being caught.

A few gaps still to fill properly and tidy up. All models from West Wind's Roadkill range, with Fred heads. The police caps on the two models in the middle were taken from the original heads of the figures and added to the Fred heads.

It's not just the grunts though. This Fred is posing as a wary "I've seen it all" police detective in civilian clothing. He can use his position to lead unsuspecting real police officers into a battle against the good guys when they show up in town. Donor body for this one was a Heresy Miniatures figure.