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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

More converted Agents of Kobra

A small update to the Kobra base commander from before, with (hopefully) an improved collar:

The next conversion is an exception to the general rule of only focusing on '80s subject, as it's inspired by a more recent addition to the universe of Gee Aye Jo. It happened because I came upon the donor mini (an Urban War Viridian officer) and noticed the suitability to a character I only knew vaguely from the internet. It's not a 100% match, but as I have no nostalgic link to this character, it's close enough.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Gee Aye Jo conversion

A straight conversion from a Hasslefree figure, intended to represent the character Chuckles. I should really tuck in his shirt, add a belt and turn his rolled up sleeves into short sleeves, but sometimes you just have to know when to leave well enough alone.

Kobra conversions - Part 1

Some conversions to join the ranks of the terrorist organisation. First one is a base commander, converted from a Hasslefree Miniatures Colonel Sinclair. The collar needs a bit more work.

The next ones are a set of twins, posing as legitimate businessmen in suits, but secretly part of Kobra's inner circle. The figures are based on two Hasslefree Miniatures secret agents.

Finally, two conversions representing undercover Kobra elite guards. They all had facial surgery to look alike and go by the name of Fred. The one on the left is based on a Studio Miniatures figure that originally looked like a certain Beverly Hills Cop. The jacket makes a nice throwback to 80's era highschool football team jackets. The other one is another Hasslefree figure. The heads are a generic male head I had commissioned and cast.

Android Troopers

The terrorist organisation of Kobra has access to state of the art technology and these android troopers are the finest example of that. While their cognitive abilities are limited and they will never make human footsoldiers obsolete, their stubborn determination and total lack of compassion or concern for personal safety make them a useful tool for some missions.

A side by side with the other troopers.

Kobra Honour Guard

The second set are more Serpentine terrorists, but this time the more elite, personal guard of the Commander. I haven't had a chance to take pics complete with their organisation's logo, but otherwise, they are done.

The faceless minions of Kobra

First set of figures are 5 blueshirts. They are the masked footsoldiers of a terrorist organisation that takes its name after a royal serpent, that I'll dub Kobra.

This was the first time I used the clear plastic bases and while they are a lot more work, having to remove tabs or solid bases and then drill through the feet and through the base (the latter is actually the hardest part) to add pins, I really like the end result. They are by no means invisible, but neither are classic bases, no matter how well your terrain matches, and this way they will never clash in different settings.

80's Pulp Miniatures - A word of introduction

This blog is dedicated to documenting my 80's Pulp Miniatures project, which revolves around recreating the general vibe of 80's cartoons and toys that revolve around evil masterminds and terrorist organisations trying to take over the world and those heroes and Joes who would oppose them in the name of freedom, be it within a bonafide military organisation or as a group of talented individuals.

The miniatures will be a mixture of unofficial tributes, personal conversions or private commissions, with appropriate vehicles sourced from wherever they can be found.

I won't ramble on here and will let the images do the talking for now. But now you know what's the general idea and knowing is half the battle!