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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ratty Joe Conversion

Another few conversions for the Joe side of things. These i-Kore Viridian commandos (available from Scotia Grendel) are pretty much spot on for this character. All I did was remove the original guns and replace them with something more suitable. Sizewise they fit well with my other figures.

The first one was holding his weapon in a way that seemed perfect to replace it with the board he comes with. The board is plastic card, covered with greenstuff. I deliberately left the greenstuff a bit
rough in order to show the wear and tear.

The second one had his gun swapped out for a more appropriate one from The Assault Group and then tidied up with some greenstuff. Third one simply had the gun removed. I may add another Assault Group gun to him, when I decide how to use him (seated or lying down).

The inspiration:

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